New Music Roundup (3/1 to 3/11)

Spring! It’s almost here! Theoretically, that means warm weather is close, but frankly, it’s been cold as shit around here! There was a whole ass nor’easter around these parts! But chilly weather aside, it’s at least been a great couple of weeks for new music. Okay, we say that every week but like, it’s true every week! A new Signals Midwest album was announced, a fantastic compilation of east coast ska/reggae/rocksteady was released via Stubborn Records, and Rosalía killed it on SNL.

Over on our end, we shook it up a little on the podcast and brought on the brilliant Jay Jolles to talk about the soundtrack to Hulu’s limited series on Elizabeth Holmes, The Dropout. Give it a listen here!

And now, for some of our favorite new releases from the past few weeks. Putting these little roundups together have been so fun – we end up catching a ton of new music and it’s always amazing how much great art consistently gets released. Hopefully, you’ll find a few new great tracks and are filled with us much fuzzy joy as we get listening to these bangers.


Dark Matters – MANEKA

Maneka is Devin McKnight’s solo project, and his soaring album explores everything from identity and America’s dark history re: minorities to the overwhelming vastness of space. Maneka’s second album refuses to be boxed into a single genre. It’s a bit of jazz, a bit of post-punk, a bit of shoegaze. It also has some fantastic percussion work, thanks to the talents of Jordyn Blakely and Nnamdi Ogbonnaya.

Frankly, it’s too big to describe in this little blurb here, so do yourself a favor and listen to this vast, genre-spanning project.

Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar – NOBRO

From the very first song, NOBRO’s EP Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar is filled with energy. With gang vocals, a fuzzy guitar, and a chorus full of “lalalas” and “ooooohs,” “Better Each Day” perfectly sets the tone for this fist-pumping collection of rock tracks.

It’s amazing just how much energy is packed into this 20-minute release, but there’s not a skippable song on here. The phrase “Eat Slay Chardonnay” never sounded so damn cool.

Special World – Otra Vez

It’s such a special world/ full of special boys and girls/and everyone who’s in between/spending time together, what a scene.

This past Friday, Brooklyn-based indie rockers Otra Vez put out the album, Special World. It’s quirky, heart-warming, and has a sound reminiscent of the 90’s slacker rock scene (think Guided By Voices, Pavement, and the like). The title track made me tear up a bit when I listened to it, not gonna lie.

Skinless Takes a Flight – supernowhere

There’s a haunting quality to Meredith Davey’s vibratto on this sprawling math rock album. Their bandcamp bio describes the songs as “slithery” and they give special thanks to a “weird skinless dream creature” in their acknowledgments. That ought to set the tone for the music you’ll hear above.

The harmonies on this are unmatched, and the clean yet dizzying instrumentals round out the album. There are even a few unexpected harp and cello intervals on the tracklist. Definitely a must-listen for fans of bands like American Football or Algernon Cadwallader.

Mowing The Leaves Instead of Piling ‘Em Up – Wednesday

Shoegaze and country music never sounded this good. Wednesday, who put out the acclaimed Twin Plagues in 2021, released this delightful cover album this month. The group covers country classics like “She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinking Doubles)” and “Lock, Stock, and Teardrops,” along with covers of songs by Smashing Pumpkins, Chris Bell, and Medicine.

It’s an eclectic mix of tracks, but it fits together so well. The album is, essentially, a love letter to the band’s musical influences, and you can hear the reverence the group has for these artists.

GUV III – Young Guv

Ben Cook, aka Young Guv, has written a ton of music since the start of the pandemic. Not only did he just release this album full of carefree and sunny power-pop tunes, but he also has GUV IV coming out next year via Run For Cover Records.

Guv III‘s jangly, catchy, easy-breezy tunes will get plenty of replays while you’re anxiously awaiting the second half of his pandemic project. These are perfect springtime sounds, after all.


“91” – Adult Mom

Adult Mom put out this B-side from 2021’s Driver, and it’s an emotional, cathartic rush. Stevie Knipe explains that this was actually one of the first songs written for the album. It deals with discomfort, anxiety, and more, with the scenery of the open road speeding past serving as a perfect backdrop.

“Heavy Heart” – Bartees Strange

Bartees Strange is having a big year – he’s producing Proper.’s upcoming album, The Great American Novel, and co-producing Oceanator’s Nothing’s Ever Fine. He also just signed with 4AD Records and is about to go on tour with Carseat Headrest. And, on top of all that, he put out this beautiful single, along with a music video directed by Missy Dabrice from Mannequin Pussy.

“Concrete” – Black Haüs 

This new single from Black Haüs is gorgeous, with a shimmery guitar and dreamy vocals. It’s pure jangle-pop bliss. Highly recommended, especially for fans of Cosmo Pyke. The all-Black band from North Carolina deserves to be on your radar, so give them a follow here.

“Wish” – Blind Girls

Australian skramz/hardcore group Blind Girls released a raw new track this month, “Wish.” It’s the first single off of their upcoming album, The Weight of Everything, due March 26th. Chaotic and cathartic, the track places Sharni Brouwer’s screams over a frenetic backdrop of screeching guitars and frantic drums.

“New Vegas Bomb” – Cliffdiver ft Skatune Network

This energetic track blends hardcore, anthem emo, and ska, so there’s a little something for everyone here. The song is a blast, and so is the music video linked above. Plus, you can’t go wrong if a song’s got the CEO of Ska themselves, Skatune Network (aka Jeremy Hunter), as a feature.

“Jimmy’s Song” – Froggy

Philadelphia ass-kickers Froggy put out a new single this month, and as always, it’s punchy and full of riot grrrrl-like energy. The band hinted on Preston & Steve that they have a new album coming out, and though the details haven’t been released yet, it’s safe to say it’s going to absolutely rip.

P.S. Be sure to check out the set we recorded with them to hear more of their signature sound.

“Sugar” – Highwind

NJ based band Highwind (shouts out to Jersey) put out the second single from their upcoming LP, Something Right In Between (May 6th). The song is catchy as all hell and peppered with colorful guitar hooks. The pop-rock duo consists of singer-songwriter Chris Russo and drummer, Dan Smith. For more info on them, check their linktree here.

“Talking To Myself” – The Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas are Bela Salazar (17), Eloise Wong (14), Lucia de la Garza (15) and Mila de la Garza (11). They are cooler than we were at those ages, and they’re cooler than we am now! They put out this catchy indie-rock single, the fourth one they’ve shared off of their upcoming album Growing Up (April 8).

If you missed their breakout performance of “Racist, Sexist Boy,” make sure you check that out, too.

“Trying” – Mint Green

Mint Green announced their debut album, All Girls Go To Heaven (June 3), and dropped this single along with it. The bouncy structure of the song is infectious, and that vocoder effect on the verses is such a great touch to an already fantastic song. As the track goes on, it dips into a dreamy bridge, showing just how versatile Mint Green can be.

“Stuck” – Oceanator

Oceanator recently shared the single, “Bad Brain Daze,” off of the upcoming album Nothing’s Ever Fine. Now, Brooklyn-based musician Elise Okusami has shared “Stuck,” a grungier song about, well, feeling stuck and needing to escape. The fuzzy guitar creates a cloistering feeling, eventually ramping up as Okusami repeats, “I’ve got to, I’ve gotta gotta get out.”

P.S. we did a live session with Oceanator, so check that bad boy out here.

“a room filled with bees” – Peregrine

We included Peregrine’s single, “Backpack,” back in our January roundup, and the Massachusetts based group has wowed us again with another dynamic new track. With a driving guitar, powerful vocals, and pounding percussion, this is another excellent bit of emo gold from a thoroughly impressive new group.

“Illuminous” – Priya Ragu

If you missed Priya Ragu’s debut mixtape damnshestamil, do yourself a favor and check it out after jamming to her newest single. The Sri Lankan-Tamil/Swiss artist blends traditional Tamil music with pop and hip-hop to craft a truly unique blend of sounds. She’s one to keep an eye on, for sure – she’s an artist destined for the top.

“Chapel” – Riverby

The third single off of Riverby’s upcoming album, Absolution (March 25th) is poignant and emotional. The singles released really showcase the band’s range – first, there was the raucous “Baseless,” then the sneering “Birth By Sleep,” and now we get this gorgeous ballad. We recently had August on the podcast to chat a little bit about their inspirations for the upcoming album, so be sure to give that a listen.

“Thursday” – Sooner

Brooklyn based dream poppers Sooner have released this warm, ethereal new track. This is the third single they’ve shared from their upcoming album, Days and Nights, which is due March 25th. The other tracks they’ve shared, “Boscobel” and “Pretend,” are equally enveloping and rich tracks. Recommended for fans of The Cranberries and Lush.


As always, we put together a lil playlist with our latest favorites. Check it out over on Tidal. And, if you know some fresh new music that we missed, hit us up on Twitter or via the contact page and set us straight!

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