LISTEN: Stubborn Records release Still Stubborn Vol. 2 Compilation

This week, Stubborn Records put out Still Stubborn Vol. 2. The compilation features various artists from the Stubborn roster performing covers of songs from other Stubborn alum. It’s full of ska and rocksteady tracks, so take a listen – you’re sure to find a few new jams.

Stubborn Records are based out of New Brunswick, NJ and are dedicated to the ska and reggae scene on the East Coast. If you missed Still Stubborn Vol. 1, give it a listen here (featuring the likes of Joker’s Republic, Strawberry Blondes, KILLER DRILLER, and more).

Catbite are featured on the compilation covering Sic & Mad’s “Police Man (Kick Me In The Head)” and even put out a music video for the track. Fun fact – the song was recorded at Kitzy’s Basement (aka where we shoot and record our live sessions!).

The full tracklist for the compilation is as follows:

  1. Catbite – Police Man (Kick Me in the Head) original by Sic & Mad
  2. Stuck Lucky – Shallowed Be original by Hub City Stompers
  3. The Classy Wrecks – Running for the F Train original by Da Whole Thing with Venice Shoreline Chris
  4. Wild Man Riddim – Gravity original by Vic’s Pick
  5. The One Droppers – Because of You original by Stubborn All-Stars
  6. P-Dub – One More original by Rocker-T. and Version City Rockers
  7. Bim Skala Bim – Never Try original by King Django
  8. Tommy Tornado & The Clerks – Sing Love original by Skinnerbox featuring King Django
  9. The Pomps – Friend original by Stubborn All-Stars
  10. The Simulators – Neatly original by Vic Ruggiero
  11. Monkey – Does He Love You original by Skinnerbox
  12. Vic Ruggiero – Find a Good Lover original by Brandt Sean Abner & the Weeds
  13. Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – Bald Man Jump original Stubborn version by Stubborn All-Stars featuring Jack Ruby, Jr.
  14. Jimmy Doyle – Long Road original by Crazy Baldhead featuring Vic Ruggiero
  15. The Fuss – Gin & Tonic original by The Radiation Kings

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