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Scarlet Estelle is an artist manager and developer. She’s the membership director of REC Philly, and she’s a member of the Philadelphia Recording Academy. She’s also the creator and host of Andrea’s favorite new(ish) podcast, Sugar, We’re Going In, which explores Fall Out Boy’s relationship with hip-hop. She’s here today...


Lots of bands we love are about to be on tour. Lots of those bands are bringing other bands we love with them. We don't want you to miss out on those bands. Here are some shows we really think you should plan to get there for doors.
This week, Andrea and Jenn are joined by a Left of the Dial favorite. If you pay attention to, you’ll be familiar with Soft and Dumb from Jenn’s review of their self-titled album a little over a year ago, as well as their interview for our Home Studio Stories shortly after that. And today, the Illinois-based duo are here to talk about their dreamy new EP Heaven, out November 17th (that’s today). Stream it where you stream, or–even better–pick up your own copy over on Bandcamp.
M.A.G.S. is the solo project of Buffalo-born, LA-based artist Elliott Douglas. Destroyer, is out August 4th on Smartpunk Records, and he’s with us today to talk about a few songs off of that album and a couple other songs he’s brought along to share, too. We talk about finding beauty in total ruin, seeing your music in colors, connecting with others through art, and so much more.