Elizabeth Holmes’ iPod with Jay Jolles

Caleb left Andrea unsupervised so she decided to switch up the format and invited her brilliant friend Jay Jolles, who wanted to talk about the soundtrack to Hulu’s limited series, The Dropout, which, according to Hulu, is an “unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong.”

Jay is a PhD student in American Studies at The College of William and Mary. His work lives at the intersection of memory, catastrophe, music, and digital culture. In particular, he is interested in the ways that sound, noise, and music relate to and complicate social relationships, time, and space. Jay has written about Taylor Swift and masculinity, lo-fi beats and neoliberalism, and the cultural phenomenon known as ‘vibes’. He is currently at work on a project about platform and surveillance capitalism that takes as its focus the music-streaming service Spotify.

You can (and should) read Jay’s essay on Taylor Swift and masculinity here, and then let him know how you much you loved it.

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(p.s. Apologies that the audio isn’t quite its usual quality. Had a little issue on our end and had to use the Zoom backup. It’s perfectly listenable, just not as crisp as we like it to be.)