Loving Michael Bolton with August from Riverby

If you’ve been listening to Left of the Dial for more than 5 minutes, then you’re already familiar with Riverby. We covered Smart Mouth back in 2020, Riverby played our first ever live session in February of 2021, and a year to the day since that performance, August joined Andrea and Caleb to talk about their upcoming album, Absolution, working in the studio with Jim Wirt (longtime producer of Andrew McMahon and a million others), their upcoming New Jersey Is the World gig at House of Independents, a little bit about Fall Out Boy and a whole lot about Michael Bolton.

Pre-order Absolution and listen to “Baseless” and “Birth By Sleep” on Riverby’s Bandcamp.

If you’re listening to this on Friday Feb 25th, and you’re in the Philly area, go see Riverby with niiice (who we covered way back in episode 69) and Elephant Jake at Original 13 Ciderworks. Tickets here.

You can also catch them playing a few songs at friend of the show Chris Gethard’s March 2nd New Jersey Is the World Live show, in Asbury Park. Technically, they’re opening for the Jersey Devil. You should still be able to get tickets for that one, here.

Songs featured:

Pictoria Vark – “Wyoming”

In the Mourning – “If He Wanted to, He Would”

Michael Bolton – “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”

Kehlani – “CRZY”

BTS – “Seesaw”

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