Left of the Dial’s Best of 2023

To close out 2023, Left of the Dial is here with our contractually-obligated-to-release-as-podcasters End of the Year list. Jenn, Andrea, and Kitzy got together to share 12 albums (and one bonus single) they loved this year. There were, of course, many more, but there are only so many hours in the day, ya know? 

Crossed Keys – Believes in You

Devon Again – Deep (single)

Devon Gilfillian – Love You Anyway

Explosions In The Sky – End

The HIRS Collective – We’re Still Here

kinda alright – The Esoteric Arts

MSPAINT – Post-American

Nourished By Time – Erotic Probiotic 2

Origami Angel – The Brightest Days

Parannoul – After the Magic

Screaming Females – Desire Pathway

John-Allison Weiss – The Long Way

Worriers – Trust Your Gut