Into It. Over It. Live @ Fest 20 [video]

Into It. Over It., the acclaimed indie rock band led by Evan Weiss, delivered an electrifying performance at Fest last October. With their signature blend of heartfelt lyrics and intricate guitar melodies, Into It. Over It. captivated the audience from the very first note. As they delved into their discography, the band effortlessly transitioned between introspective ballads and anthemic rockers, showcasing their versatility and musical prowess. Into It. Over It.’s performance at Fest was a testament to their enduring impact on the indie rock scene and left the crowd with lasting memories of a truly remarkable night of music.

Filmed & Edited by Alec Pugliese & Becca Prucha

Live Audio Mix by Marc Bannes

Audio Recording & Post-Production by Kitzy

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