New Music Roundup (1/16/2022 – 1/22/2022)

It’s been an exciting week for Left of the Dial-core music releases. For starters, Proper. announced their new album, The Great American Novel, and dropped a new single from said album. Indie rockers Camp Cope also announced their new LP, Running with The Hurricane, and shared the title track.

The previous week also had a great round of new music. Screamo veterans Underoath put out their album Voyeurist, which continues to distance the band from their previous Christian metalcore sound. Tape Girl and Peach Rings put out an excellent ska-tinged cover of Car Seat Headrest’s “My Boy (Twin Fantasy),FKA Twigs dropped a UK-house influenced R&B mixtape, and there were a bunch of other fun releases we dropped into our January 2022 playlist.

We would have covered last week more extensively, but, well, Jenn’s cat has been in heat, and it’s hard to keep up when you have a horny cat howling and pouncing on your keyboard. 😉 Anyways, here are a few notable new music releases from the past week.


Havasu – Pedro the Lion

This release was a fun surprise. Pedro the Lion dropped their sixth album, a mellow ten-track beauty, just a few days ago. Much like 2019’s Phoenix, this album chronicles singer and lead guitarist David Bazan’s childhood experiences in places he grew up. This time, the focus is on Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

In addition to dropping the album, Pedro the Lion has announced that they’ll be touring in support of the album this spring. The tour will begin in Kansas City, Missouri this April, and conclude in June in Seattle, Washington.

Fall In Love Not In Line – Kids On A Crime Spree

Power-pop band Kids On A Crime Spree have been around for a while now – their first EP was released back in 2011 – but Fall In Love Not In Line is their first full-length LP. It’s a briskly paced set of catchy indie pop rock tracks with a dash of noise rock guitar mixed in.

Most interestingly, the group cites the Brill Building subgenre of 60s rock and roll as a major influence. On this album, you can feel some of that retro flavor, especially on songs like “Goods Get Got” and “Steve, Why Are You Such A Liar?”


I like to play basketball – Taylor Swish

Earlier this month, “Philly’s #1 emo math Taylor Swift cover band” put out a compilation of covers. Their reimagined versions of Taylor Swift classics work very well, and it’s a treat to hear the ways they’ve reworked the compositions to make them math-y.

Even “Our Song,” one of Swift’s more country teen-pop oriented songs, works impressively well in this form. Highly recommend checking this one out – it’s more than just a novelty release, it’s genuinely well done and fun to listen to.

Time and the Season – The Ergs!

They’re back! New Jersey band The Ergs put out an EP with Dirtnap Records this week. The EP is a burst of punk energy with two originals and two covers – one cover being a fantastic version of Zombies’ “Time of the Season.” A limited edition run of the 7″ vinyl is currently available for pre-order here.

We had the pleasure of recording a podcast episode and a live session with Mikey Erg, so be sure to check those out if you dig what you’re hearing here.


“Snow Globes” – Black Country, New Road

British post-rock group Black Country, New Road have released another single from their upcoming album, Ants From Up There. Their 2021 debut, For The First Time, was met with critical acclaim.

Judging by this slow burn track, layered with violin and piano and punctuated with bombastic percussion, their sophomore effort will prove to be just as good as their debut. The album is slated to release February 4th.

“Graduating Life” – Mom Jeans

California-based emo band Mom Jeans are revving up for the release of their third studio album. This is their latest single from it. The beautiful harmonies, trumpet backing, and group vocals on the chorus…these are all musical elements that tickle our emo hearts. Their new album, Sweet Tooth, is slated for release February 25th, 2022.

“This Night” – Superchunk

Another single for Superchunk’s twelfth studio album released this week. It’s a jaunty little indie rock tune that’s sure to get your foot tapping.

The new album, Wild Loneliness, will release February 25th and will feature guest appearances from Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura, Mike Mills of R.E.M., Sharon Van Etten, Norman Blake and Raymond McGinley from Teenage Fanclub, and Andy Stack from Wye Oak.

“Lie Love Lullaby” – Girlpool

Girlpool announced their new album this week – Forgiveness – and the band put out this new single and MV. “‘Lie Love Lullaby’ is a song about a time where I felt that my innocence affected my ability to choose a person who was good for me,” singer Avery Tucker said in a statement.

“Fugazi” – Babehoven

First of all, shout out to the incredible band name, Babehoven. This single is the first track on their upcoming EP, Sunk, which will release March 4th. “Fugazi” is a beautiful minimalist track that packs an emotional punch. “But he thought that he showed me Fugazi / I don’t know how to explain how that feels.

Last but not least, Riverby teased their upcoming second album in the best way possible – via Kingdom Hearts and Dragonball Z AMVs on Twitter. Check one of them out below, featuring vocals from Lunar Year!

And, be sure to check out our Spotify playlist with all our favorite songs from January so far. If we missed any great tracks, shoot us a tweet over at @LeftoftheDialPC!