Chico Romano

Chico Romano is the new-ish project from Rob Romano, a Jersey-based musician who you might also know as the frontperson for Professor Caveman. You should already be familiar with Chico Romano, whose most recent single, the upbeat and effervescent “UR My Best Friend” we covered earlier this month. His upcoming EP Vol.5 is due out October 7th, and it’s as eclectic and inventive as anything you’ve heard from his previous project. Rob joins Andrea on Left of the Dial this week to share some of his own music as well as a handful of songs from musicians he’s connected with and to in a variety of ways.

If you’re listening in the Philly area, make sure you come out to Chio Romano’s show on October 6th at the Ukie Club. You can get tickets now!

From Today’s Episode:

“UR My Best Friend” / “Who Said” – Chico Romano

Bandcamp | Video | Linktree | Instagram

“Woof Woof” – Arthur

Bandcamp | Everything Else

“Tired Hands” – klark sound

Bandcamp | Linktree | Instagram

“Lucy” – Goodfight

Bandcamp | Video | Instagram

“Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth” – Godcaster 

Bandcamp | AudioTree version | Linktree | Instagram

“The Heat” – Surface to Air Missive

Bandcamp | Instagram

“Tighten Up” – Archie Bell and the Drells

Website | Video

“Queen Chimera Pt. 1” – Jon Bap

Bandcamp | Video

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