Listen to Chico Romano ‘s Funky New Single, “Ur My Best Friend”

Chico Romano has just released the psychedelic new track, “Ur My Best Friend.” It’s a lo-fi jam that incorporates an eclectic blend of surf rock, funk, and soul. It’s part Elvis Costello, part George Clinton, part Donald Fagen – but all uniquely Chico.

You can’t help but crack a smile while listening to this song. It’s upbeat, warm, and relaxing – like riding your bike in the forest on a sunny spring day, or getting stoned on the beach.

You can listen to the track below.

This is the second single from Romano’s upcoming EP, Vol. 5. The first was “Who Said,” a track that blends new wave city pop sounds with Motown funk and prog. Both singles are vastly different from one another, teasing the sonic smorgasbord that Chico Romano has in store for the upcoming release.

Chico Romano is the newfound musical moniker of Dominican American artist Rob Romano. The New Jersey musician previously fronted Professor Caveman, a project that was also rife with genre-bending surprises.

Now, Romano looks to expand that ambitious sound even further. On Vol. 5, he works with the likes of Jon Evers (The Jack Moves), Arthur Shea (Joy Again), and Carlos Hernandez (Ava Luna) to seamlessly weave through multiple genres, from garage punk to bossa nova to hip-hop. The EP is set to release October 7th, 2022.

Support Chico Romano’s “Ur My Best Friend” and “Who Said” over on bandcamp, and maybe check out Professor Caveman’s Vol. 2, 3, and 4 while you’re at it, too. Connect with Chico Romano here, and if you happen to be in Philly, swing by their show at the Ukie Club on 10/6/22. 📷: Harry Sklans

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