New Music Roundup (2/20/2022 – 2/26/2022)

Ah, what a great week for new music! Okay, I say that every week, but seriously, we have some end of the month bangers here.

We’ve already covered the new Proper. single “Huerta”, and August from Riverby came on the podcast to talk about the upcoming album, Absolution, and their newest single “Birth By Sleep.” Also, Elden Ring is out! OK, that one isn’t music, but I personally spent like, an hour and half creating my character so this track was playing on loop in my living room.

We were also lucky enough to have Dear Forbidden in the studio this past Sunday to play some post-grunge goodness. Keep an eye out for when we release the final mix and video edit, but in the meantime, check out their bandcamp – highly recommend “Smile Dropper,” a song about having a guy yell at a woman for not smiling at him.

Now, on to list a few of our favorite releases from this week!


Sugar Rot – P.S.You’redead

If a new release pops up in the “sasscore” tag on bandcamp, I am ALL OVER IT. It’s a good thing I check the genre releases as obsessively often as I do because it means I catch gems like this debut from P.S.You’redead.

The group describes themselves as “danceviolence,” which definitely fits – they blend emoviolence, grindcore, and a dash of scene kid electronica into their music. Highly recommend for a fix of chaotic queer skramz.

The Night Country – Everson Poe

Speaking of queer metal, Everson Poe put out an album this week. The Night Country is visceral, layering guitar breakdowns over samples of the Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession. In fact, the sample of the famously freaky subway scene used on “The Chamber of Blood” is my favorite use of sampling I’ve heard in a while.

It’s a thoroughly impressive album, made all the more impressive when you realize that Mae Shults wrote, performed, and produced every song on the album, with the exception of “The House of Death,” which was performed by Chris H of The Earth Devoured By The Sun.


“x 1 minuto” – Yellow Dudes

Yellow Dudes hails from Tepic, Mexico and are putting out the exact kind of jangle pop dreamo I’ve been craving (is dreamo a real genre name? I don’t know, but I’m rolling with it). This song has excellent vocal harmonies and a groove that will make you want to drive around at night with the top down.

“pensacola” – Oso Oso

It’s been a minute since Oso Oso graced us with a new track, and “pensacola” does not disappoint. 2019’s Basking In The Glow quickly enamored emo fans, and this song is sure to win over even more of them. The piano chords tinkling throughout and the vocal hook are catchy as all hell, and I’m definitely going to think about the song every time I see the number seventy-nine.

“The Great Doheny” – Carly Cosgrove

The third single from Carly Cosgrove’s upcoming album, See You In Chemistry, is a whimsical track about the pressures to preform and put on an interesting, friendly persona in public. Guitarist and vocalist Lucas Naylor called it “an uncommon moment of levity on the record,” likening himself to a magician trying to perform sleight of hand tricks to impress others. The album is out March 25th, and you can also check the music video for “The Great Doheny” here.

“Congratulations” – Boyish

Congratulations, you fucked it all and now you’re alone. Between the lush guitar and that killer opening line, this song pulls you in right away. The group released this song and lo-fi music video this week, along with an announcement for a new EP, My Friend Mica, due May 6th.

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