Listen to Superdestroyer ‘s Grungey New Song, “FKA Still Chill”

The mysterious, anonymous Ohio producer Superdestroyer just released a brand new track from his upcoming record, GOON. “FKA Still Chill” is a short burst of eclectic, angsty madness – the track is an amalgamation of garage surf punk, post-hardcore, and grunge.

Despite being just under two minutes, the song switches up the tempo multiple times; from gritty pop-punk hook to chill acoustic bridge to cybergrind breakdown and back again. It’s a great example of the genre-bending, expectation-defying music that Superdestroyer offers.

Listen to the track below.

The song also features Blake Turner from New You singing the verses, Analogue Heart on harsh vocals, and additional bass work from Daniel Zasadny. The track is the first single off of Superdestroyer’s upcoming album, GOON, which features other collaborations from the likes of Caleb Haynes (hey, ily) and Father of the Year.

GOON is a concept album about “a doomed family vacation to the beach,” and it features genre stylings ranging from surf rock to cybergrind to synth pop. It’s post-every-genre-you-can-think-of. It’s Blink-182 meets Nujabes meets From First to Last meets Beach Boys. It’s…well, you’ll just have to hear it when it releases October 14th, because I don’t think I can really describe it in a way that does it justice.

Superdestroyer is also the co-founder of Lonely Ghost Records, and we’ve featured quite a few folks from the label this year. Follow them on Twitter for more updates on future releases. You can also follow Superdestroyer himself over on Twitter and Instagram.

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