Cheem Releases New Single, “Snag” & Announces New Album, Guilty Pleasure

Party rockin’ pop punkers Cheem have some big announcements today. Not only did they just sign on to Lonely Ghost Records (home of Hey, Ily, Superdestroyer, exciting!!excellent!!, and more), but they also announced a brand new album, Guilty Pleasure. The first single from the LP, “Snag,” is out today.

The song is just under two-minutes long, but boy, does it pack a lot into that running time. It’s a fast-paced assault on the senses, almost dizzying in its rapid energy. In a statement, Cheem describes it as a song that “channels the energy of spam clicking the refresh button or checking your Twitter feed on the freeway” – it’s almost too much to take in, but you just can’t pull yourself away.

Right from the get-go, we get a blast of crunchy guitars and synths. But just as you think you know where this song is going, it switches it up with a funky bassline and a rap interlude. That’s the charm of Cheem – you’ll get everything from 2000s pop punk to 90s boy band to the Jet Set Radio OST all in one song…and it blends together perfectly.

Take a listen to the song below to hear what I mean.

Cheem hails from Hartford, Connecticut and have already put out an impressive catalog of genre-defying music. Their last album, 2017’s Downhill, blended pop punk and funk while throwing a dash of vaporwave into the mix. Guilty Pleasure promises to be just as jam-packed with sonic surprises.

The band posted a video announcement of the album on Twitter. You can watch that below.

Guilty Pleasure is due July 22nd, 2022, but in the meantime, you can stream “Snag” wherever you listen to music. Follow Cheem on Insta or Twitter for all the updates. 📸 Header image by Connor Lenihan

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