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Oldphone Releases Hyperpop + Emo Single, “Stuck, As In My Life Is Going Nowhere”

The inimitable Oldphone (aka Gregory Johnson) released a new single today: “Stuck, As In My Life Is Going Nowhere.” It’s a relatively low-key track, with math-y guitar noodles and heartfelt lyricism. But don’t get it twisted – this isn’t your average emo tune. The vocals are heavily processed, infusing a distinct burst of electronica hyperpop into the track. Not only do these effects heighten the emotion of the track, it’s also damn catchy and fun to listen to.

Much like other Lonely Ghost Records alum we’ve covered here, Oldphone deftly blends various genres of music to create a wholly unique sound. You can hear hints of emo, punk, and hyperpop. Johnson themselves has dubbed the genre “HyperEmo.”

Listen to the new track below.

Los Angeles-based but Philadelphia-raised, Oldphone has been working within the DIY scene for over a decade. Last April, they put out their debut EP, Hey I’m Alive and it’s Cool, an eleven-minute burst of glittery guitarwork, pop beats, and heartfelt heavily modulated vocals. Now, they’re amping up to release their first LP, Not Anymore, out March 24th.

Just by listening to the two latest singles Oldphone has released, you get an idea of the range the musician possesses. While “Stuck” is more understated, “A Lesson In Happiness” is much more maximalist, injecting emo, punk, hyperpop, hip-hop, and even a bit of chiptune all into a just-over-one-minute song. With all that in mind, the upcoming Not Anymore promises to be an eclectic sonic journey.

Not Anymore will be released on streaming and cassette on 3/24/23 via Lonely Ghost Records. You can follow Oldphone on Twitter and Instagram.

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