LISTEN: Marble Girl Releases New Single “hoem” and Opens Pre-Orders For New EP

Last month, Marble Girl (aka Hayleyy Sparxx, aka Hayley Elizabeth Bender) put out the infectious track “im tired tbh”. Now, she’s back again with another banger – “hoem,” a happy hardcore pop-punk powerhouse that’ll have you dancing in your seat. It’s the perfect song to listen to at your computer as you DM your crush in one window and play Omori in another – all while hopped up on Monster energy drinks, of course.

You may know Hayley as the vocalist of the Philadelphia sasscore cybergrind project, Thotcrime. If you haven’t checked out the sonic chaos of ønyøurcømputer or their recent split with Headgore, give them a listen.

The single is the first from her upcoming EP, keysmashed, which promises to be just as eclectic, frenetic, and feverish as “hoem.” Pre-orders for the EP are open today, so hop over to bandcamp to support it. The EP is set to release July 1st, 2022.

“This, I think, is the first true Hayleyysparxx/Marble Girl EP in a minute,” she tells me over Twitter. “It’s something that I feel is genuinely a mix of both sounds I’m trying to achieve. I want something thoughtful, with the same youthful and cartoonish energy I’ve always carried.”

And between the single artwork by Max Graves, the playful lyrics like “I think about you touching me, the warmth of your paws in mine” and a fun sample from the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog 06 fandub, that energy is definitely there.

Listen to the new track below.

EP artwork for keysmashed.

You can follow Marble Girl on Twitter @hayleyysparxx_, and be sure to pre-order keysmashed if you dug “hoem.” Single artwork by Max Graves. EP artwork by yam lynn.

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