LISTEN: Marble Girl (Hayleyy Sparxx of Thotcrime) Releases New Single, “im tired tbh”

Marble Girl, aka Hayleyy Sparxx, aka Hayley Elizabeth Bender, has just put out a new single, “im tired tbh.” It’s a frenzied mix of breakcore hyperpop goodness. RIYL: SOPHIE, 100 gecs, ZOMBIESHARK!, eating fifty Pixy Stix in one sitting.

You can stream the track below.

You may know Hayley as the vocalist of the Philadelphia sasscore cybergrind project, Thotcrime. If you haven’t checked out the sonic chaos of ønyøurcømputer or their recent split with Headgore, give them a listen.

But on “im tired tbh” and her other solo works, the emphasis is more on pop than metal or grindcore. It’s purely digital, modulated bubblegum bass madness – it makes me feel insane when I listen to it, and I mean that as a compliment. It’s exactly what I want a hyperpop track to evoke.

The song vacillates between semi-sweet hooks (Stressed out, silent in the day time/Greened out, standing on a fault line) to frenetic pleas for violence and validation (Lead me on, break my neck, make it sloppy, never stop). It’s overwhelming, and that’s kind of the point – ♫ everything is overwhelming.

Give the track a listen, and then go listen to everything else Marble Girl / HayleyySparxx has put out because, in my professional opinion, it slaps.

Support the track on bandcamp here. Follow Thotcrime on Twitter, and @hayleyysparxx_ on Instagram.

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