The Lunar Year Mist of the Teal Mara Art

The Lunar Year Releases New Song, “Mist of the Teal Mara”

Philadelphia-based musician and DIY distortion queen The Lunar Year just released a new single, “Mist of the Teal Mara.” It’s an immersive, psychedelic track that begins with ambient crowd noise before dreamy, textured instrumentals filter through. It’s like you just stepped off a crowded subway and entered a new world.

The production on the song is gorgeous, with shoegaze flourishes, distorted guitars, and lulling vocals perfectly complementing the phantasmagoric lyrics.

Listen to the track below.

If you like what you’re hearing, keep an ear out for The Lunar Year’s upcoming third album, title and release data TBA. If this new single is anything to go by, it’s going to be a genre-bending journey through dreamworlds.

You can also check out The Lunar Year’s earlier LPs, Herodias (2016) and katie bird (2020).

The Lunar Year is fronted by Katie Hackett, and she’s no stranger to Left o’ – you can hear her on our podcast’s theme song along with The Tisburys, and we’ve even had her in our studio. If you haven’t watched the session, treat yourself – it’s fantastic, and you’re gonna want to hear Katie sing backwards on “Shadows Eat The Sun.” You can also support the session on bandcamp (the proceeds are split 50/50 between us and the band 💙).

You can catch The Lunar Year over at Ukie Club in Philly on 9/2 with Hello Mary, Lucas Naylor (of Carly Cosgrove), Plusser, and Flowermouth. This will actually be their homecoming show after touring through New England, so welcome them all back by watching them play! For more info on the show, click here.

Follow The Lunar Year on Twitter and check out their latest releases here.

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