Waiting for God to Turn on the Lights with The Lower Aetna

Today’s Left of the Dial guest is Dylan Gallimore, who Philly folks may be familiar with from his fantastic band Honeyjar (we’re big fans), but today he’s on the podcast to talk with us about his equally fantastic new project The Lower Aetna whose debut album Waiting For God to Turn on the Lights was released on November 4th. It’s a really smart and thoughtful concept album about a family dealing with the fact that one of their members has become a deep believer in the QAnon conspiracy. Dylan shares his thoughtful perspective, taking us through the album’s rotating points of view and what inspired him to begin writing it in the first place. And because–as two people from the best state in the country–they’re legally required to, he and Andrea talk a bit about growing up in Jersey–specifically Dylan’s idyllic upbringing in the straight-out-of-a-fairytale town of Medford Lakes.

If you’re in the Philly area, go see The Lower Aetna at Kung Fu Necktie on Jan. 21.

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