The Replacements with Tyler from The Tisburys

It’s only taken us two and a half years, but we’re finally doing our Replacements episode, and we’ve brought it one of our favorite people here at Left of the Dial–Tyler Asay of The Tisburys and Riverby–to help us out.

We’re especially excited about this episode because a few weeks back, we had Tyler and the rest of the Tisburys in the studio to record a cover of The Replacements’ “Left of the Dial,” the song from which we, big surprise, take our show’s title, and we get to share that with you today! We’ll be using it as our theme song from now on, too!

It’s a fantastic cover, featuring vocals from The Lunar Year’s Katie Hackett. You can buy it today on Bandcamp, and The Tisburys are donating all of the proceeds to abortion funds in Pennsylvania:, so you should definitely pick it up.

If you’re listening to this episode the day it airs (Friday the 13th!), and you live in the Philly area, you can catch The Tisburys along with The Lunar Year and Kate Dressed Up at Dawson Street Pub.

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