Philly Music Round Up with Doug Keller (The Tisburys, Riverby, Duke Maroon)

Andrea’s guest co-host is a dear member of the Left of the Dial cinematic universe: Doug Keller. Doug is the titular Doug Keller of Doug Keller and the Dubbed Subs. You also know Doug from his band Duke Maroon, which we’ve covered here on the podcast and over on the blog. Doug’s band Riverby played our first ever Left of the Dial live session, and his band The Tisburys played one shortly after that. The Tisburys are also responsible for the cover of The Replacements’ “Left of the Dial” that they recorded for us to use as our theme song. Their album Exile on Main Street is out September 16th, the same day they play WXPN’s Xponential Fest. Today, we’ve got a real hometown show on our hands because Doug’s brought a ton of killer Philly music to share with us.

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Hire Duke Maroon to play your wedding.

Songs Featured:

“Hurt Starting Over” – The Describers

“Peaches and Cream” – Best Bear

“Annie Always” – Grocer

“Off the Shelf” – Andrew Huston (also referenced: Cart Sessions)

“Off With Yr Head” – Riverby

“Mist of the Teal Mara” – The Lunar Year

“inquisitors” – Comprador

“Movie Night” – Full Bush

“Language of Luxury” – The Tisburys

“Conquer” – Teethcutter

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