Long Neck with Lily Mastrodimos

New Jersey’s Long Neck has a new album, Soft Animal, due out the 21st of June. They announced the album today along with the release of its first single, the earthy and ethereal (yes, it somehow manages to be both, simultaneously) “Gardener.” The single features lush violins arranged and performed by Marlene Bellissimo with warm vocal harmonies from RN Taylor of Los Campesinos!

Long Neck’s Lily Mastrodimos joined us on the podcast today to talk about the album, its influences, and the tender experience of writing and recording “Gardener” in particular. Soft Animal is out June 21st on Plastic Miracles in the US and Specialist Subject in the UK. You can listen to “Gardender” now, and if you need more Long Neck to hold you over, check out Lily’s solo Left of the Dial studio session from last year.

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Featured in this episode:

Lande Hekt – “Going To Hell”

Frances Quinlan – “Went To LA”

Shannon Lay – “Recording 15”

Ghost Light – “Strangers”

Aimee Mann – “Patient Zero” 

Long Neck – “Gardener”

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