Kitzy’s 2020 Top 10, In No Particular Order

As we continue our suddenly rapid approach towards the end of 2020, Kitzy has assembled their top 10 songs of the year – in no particular order. We take a look back at year 1, revisiting past episodes & reminiscing about some of the wonderful guests we’ve had.

  1. Worriers – You Or Someone You Know (End of the world)
  2. Maxwell Stern – Impossible Sum (Water Tower)
  3. Run The Jewels – RTJ4 (Walking In The Snow)
  4. Gladie – Safe Sins (When You Leave The Sun)
  5. Bacchae – Pleasure Vision (Hammer)
  6. Waxahatche – Saint Cloud (Fire)
  7. Frances Quinlan – Likewise (Rare Thing)
  8. Dave Hause – Patty (Moon Song)
  9. Oceanator – Things I Never Said (I Would Find You)
  10. Cold Years – Paradise (Too Far Gone)

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