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Jamie Coletta (No Earbuds!)

We were so lucky to get to sit down with No Earbuds founder, Jamie Coletta. If you’re unfamiliar with Jamie/No Earbuds, (impossible if you listen to our show), they’re a wholly unique marketing/publicity/management/A&R/PR company and probably responsible, in one way or another, for introducing you to half of your favorite bands. They’re one of those people who you can tell just absolutely loves music and helping spread the word on the bands and artists they love. Definitely a kindred spirit with the Left of the Dial crew. Jamie talks about John-Allison Weiss getting to make their new album the way they wanted, listening to The Wonder Years new masterpiece The Hum Goes on Forever in the studio with the band, what it means to sound like you’re from Wilkes-Barre, and so much more! And hey, it’s Bandcamp Friday. Why not pick up the songs you hear in today’s episode and show these bands you love them!

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From Today’s Episode:

“Different Now” – John-Allison Weiss

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon

“Casual Intimacy” – Fantasy Camp

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

“Low Tide” – The Wonder Years

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

“Live from the UFO” – Origami Angel

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

“Talk Too Much” – Pool Kids 

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

“One of a Million” – Softcult

Bandcamp | TwitterInstagram

Check out the sweet, funny, beautiful video for Caracara‘s “Harsh Light”

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