Bang Bang Crash with Nic Brown (Athenaeum, Longwave, Skeleton Key)

Nic Brown is a graduate of Columbia University and the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He’s a professor of creative writing and the author of the novels In Every Way, Doubles, and Floodmarkers. He’s also a former (question mark) drummer whose forthcoming memoir Bang Bang Crash, out February 21st via Counterpoint, details his journey from high school student playing in the most popular band in Greensboro, NC to having a hugely popular song on the radio in the late 90s, when having a hugely popular song on the radio really seemed to mean something. He’s played with artists such as Ben Lee, Longwave, and Skeleton Key and is a founding member of the band Athenaeum. Nic joined Andrea on the podcast to talk about some of the music that forms the soundtrack to Bang Bang Crash, and of course, the book itself. 

You can (and should) pick up Bang Bang Crash now!

Bang Bang Crash Reading events (details for each here)

FEBRUARY 21 – Pendleton, SC

FEBRUARY 23 – Chapel Hill, N

MARCH 1 – Charlotte, NC

MARCH 3 – Spartanburg, SC

MARCH 6 – Iowa City, IA

MARCH 30 – Oxford, MS