The Fest

Bands We Think You Should Check Out At Fest

This week, Kitzy and our New Jersey correspondent Andrea Quinn are coming to you live(ish) and on location from The Fest with a ton of recommendations for bands you should make sure to put on your Must See list if you’re in Gainesville this weekend. And if you’re not in Gainesville, you should still check them out at the links below.

Visit the Fest website ( or app for the most up-to-date information regarding set times and locations.

We covered a ton of music this week! Including:

Gilt – “In Windows”

Gully Boys – “The Way”

John-Allison Weiss – “The Long Way”

Help John-Allison fund their new album!

Signals Midwest – “Tommy Took a Picture” 

We Are The Union – “Boys Will Be Girls”

Freezing Cold – “Teenage Insights” 

Parting – “Jesse Eisenbird”

Paige Beller – “Failed Attempts and Cigarettes” 

Heart & Lung – “I’m Fine”

Bands we mentioned in this episode who’ve been previously covered on the show. 

Eve 6 (w/Max Collins)- Episode 62

[Note: Shortly after we recorded this episode, Eve 6 announced they had to cancel their Fest set due to a member of the band testing positive for COVID. We wish the band well and hope they’ll be back next year!]

Strike Anywhere – Episode 31

Dikembe (w/Andy) – Episode 42

Mikey Erg – Episode 64

Catbite – Episode 86 

Hit Like A Girl – Episode 71

Niiiice – Episode 69

Sonder Bombs – Episode 58

Bacchae – Episode 8

The Appleseed Cast – Episode 35

Casket Lottery – Episode 92 

Signals Midwest / Max Stern – Episode 47

Honorable Mention:

Chris Gethard! He’s playing TWO sets this weekend.

Check out his special Half My Life

Listen to his podcast, which he co-hosts with Andrea, over at