All Hands by Doomtree

********** DISCLAIMER: When we recorded this week’s episode, the reports of abuse about at least one member of D**mtree were unknown to us. To be clear, we will never knowingly support any artist who engages in that kind of behavior, nor any others who continue to look away, cover for, or support them.

In the interest of transparency, we will be leaving this episode up, but we’ll no longer be promoting it. Moving forward, we will be much more careful about the music we choose to cover, to ensure we never promote an artist whose behavior goes directly against everything we value and stand for. Thank you to the thoughtful listeners who have reached out to us about this. We always welcome and appreciate your input. ***********

This week, Kitzy expands Caleb’s musical horizons with a crash course in Minneapolis-based hip hop collective Doomtree. We discuss how we each got into hip hop, how it influenced Caleb’s musical career, and the deeper meaning behind when folks say “I like everything except country and rap.”

Kitzy strongly recommends getting the Doomtree live experience by watching the following:

Live on KEXP

Audiotree Live

Caleb recommends the music videos for Final Boss and Gray Duck.