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Nov 07, 2021 3PM US ET (UTC-4)

Bel is the project of Isabel Furman, a Philadelphia-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her intimate, emotive songs evoke lo-fi rock and bedroom folk, anchored by an earnest and poetic songwriting style. Bel’s songs center on personal narrative framed by her experience of queerness and femininity. A self-taught musician, Bel’s music orbits around imaginative and intricate guitar playing, influenced by techniques of jazz, folk, and rock.

John-Allison Weiss and Hit Like A Girl Live at PhilaMOCA

John-Allison Weiss with Hit Like A Girl and Riverby at PhilaMOCA

John-Allison Weiss, Hit Like A Girl, Riverby

Nov 13, 2021 8PM US ET (UTC-5)

Proof of vaccination (physical card or photo) and masks are required to attend PhilaMOCA events.

Erin Incoherent
Nov 14, 2021 3PM US ET (UTC-5)

Erin Incoherent is a self-proclaimed punk rock singer-songwriter who recently released her 4th album, Dèjá Vu. It was created over the course of a year at New Jersey’s ‘House of Robot’ studio with fellow producer and friend Flavine.

Nov 23, 2021 3PM US ET (UTC-5)

proper. is an emo band from Brooklyn, NY. Their album "I Spent The Winter Writing Songs About Getting Better" is available now from Big Scary Monsters.