“Call Me Cynical,” The Newest Single From Wave Break, Is A Cathartic Anthem

I am so proud to be starting my year with Wave Break. Since last year’s lone single “Spark,” I have been hungry for more. Tomorrow, the New Jersey trio delivers with “Call Me Cynical.” This one is more bitter than its optimistic predecessor, and their upcoming EP is shaping up to be something special.

“Call Me Cynical” opens with a fade-in constructed by dueling guitars and swift, intense percussion before unveiling a broken up but strong intro riff. This riff is the bridge to our first verse. The rhythm section is working hard here in the best way, and this section of the song says a lot with so little. Before any lyrics sink in, it paints a crystal clear image of determined frustration and the need to stand up to the one who’s hurt you.

The guitar playing shines brightest in this chorus, so simple and effective. There’s two sections here, the second of which is a slowed down and deconstructed version of the first. But we still spice it up with a lick for good measure.

There is a real heat and anger to the vocals too, but it never stops it from being inviting and catchy. Kelly Barber is enunciating words in such an intriguing way, turning the word “devil” into three syllables and saying phrases like “how did I not know” in a very regional way. The outro to the track is a big rock ending where everyone gets to show off, and Barber especially delivers what may be my favorite vocal of hers to date.

In my own life, be it my day job, my transition or anything else, I teeter back and forth on standing up for myself. Wave Break has presented an anthem here for self-confidence. Between the driving, rhythmic instrumental and the narration on friends who have deliberately failed us, listening to this gave me something of a newfound confidence. This chorus is exactly right, it’s not that hard to be there. Neither I nor you nor anyone should settle for anything less.

“Call Me Cynical” is a great addition to the Wave Break canon and a strong start to the year. I’m excited to hear the entire EP, but until then you can look forward to this new single tomorrow.

Pre-save “Call Me Cynical,” stream it in full tomorrow (1/24/24), and support and follow Wave Break in 2024!

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