[WATCH] GILT – Trophy Hunter Music Video

Florida based post-hardcore band GILT have shared a new single, “Trophy Hunter,” and released a music video to go with it. The song serves as a teaser for their upcoming EP, Conceit, due May 6th via Smartpunk Records.

The track is a powerful one, kicking off with an eerie ambient sound that fades its way into the song’s central guitar riff. When the drums come in and the opening verse roars, the energy amps up immediately. The track features Nat Lacuna from The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, whose harsh vocals pair well with the song and give it an even grittier, fuller sound.

But between the hardcore breakdowns and verses, there’s an infectious chorus (“chase after me/trophy hunter”). The ways GILT blends a hardcore sound with pop sensibilities is reminiscent of 2010s heavy hitters like Pierce the Veil.

As always, GILT brings incredible imagery to their music through poetic lyrics – “prosthetic fingertips for human hands/help carve the wood into one of three shapes/each kill is set in frame the same way.” Their lyricism and storytelling abilities are one of the reasons I kept returning to their 2021 EP, In Windows, Through Mirrors. The words themselves paired with Ash Stixx’s delivery are deeply compelling, and I’m very excited to see what stories the band will tell on Conceit.

The band’s sound itself is fantastic, but watching the band perform is a transcendent experience. If you haven’t been able to see GILT live, this music video should give you an idea of what I mean – the “Trophy Hunter” video has vocalist Ash Stixx’s charisma on full display as we watch them switch between high-energy spoken word verses and soaring clean choruses.

For an even better idea of what GILT are like live, you can check out their set from Fest 19 that we had the pleasure of recording. Or, you can check the upcoming tour dates listed on their site and see if they’ll be in your city anytime soon.

You can also follow GILT on Twitter and Instagram.

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