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Sug Daniels Shares Playful New Single “When I’m Gone”

Philly-based singer-songwriter Sug Daniels’ new single “When I’m Gone” (out today on Don Giovanni Records) highlights what fans of Sug already love about her music. It’s a sparkling track with bright and breezy keys and strings, carried along by some well-placed percussion (the hand claps are particularly apt on a flirty little song about connecting with another person). Sug’s honey-drenched vocals dip low, resonant one moment, floating light as air the next.

“When I’m Gone” is playful, teasing. “I wanna know what you’re into because I want to do you right. But first I gotta know, baby, don’t you wanna touch my body? Don’t you wanna drive me crazy?” It’s a charming song that revels in the sparking potential of what could happen. It’s someone with their foot resting lightly on the gas pedal. Ready to take off should the opportunity arise but happy to coast in the meantime.

“When I’m Gone” was produced by Sam Nobles. Nobles also produced Daniels’ gorgeous cover of Jill Scott’s “Golden” which she released along with the mini-documentary “Living The Golden Life : A Tribute To Jill Scott by Sug Daniels” last year (her contribution to Philly’s Black Music City project). You can listen to us talk about the song with The Lunar Year’s Katie Hackett who brought it to her Sweet Juice Summer Fest episode of the podcast.

Catch Sug Daniels live. She’s got a handful of shows this month, including one with Paisley Fields and Sean Barna at Ortlieb’s in Philly this Sunday. Sug will also be part of the Don Giovanni Showcase at SXSW. You can contribute to her GoFundMe to help her get there.

Listen to “When I’m Gone” wherever you listen to music.

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Sug Daniels photo by Robert Pfeiffer
Sug Daniels 📷: Robert Pfeiffer

Upcoming Shows
March 5 Philadelphia, PA; Ortlieb’s with Paisley Fields and Sean Barna 

March 10 York, PA; Kable House Productions opening for Lizzie No.

March 16 Spicewood, TX; Luck Reunion w/ Black Opry Revue

March 16 Austin, TX; The 13th Floor Don Giovanni Showcase SXSW

April 21 Wilmington, DE; The Queen opening for Marielle Kraft

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