Philly Punks Stud Count Release Video for New Single “Through My Window” on Smartpunk Records

Philly’s own Stud Count have released their second single since signing to Smartpunk Records late last year, and “Through My Window” is another downright infectious alt-punk gem like “Talkin’ 2 You” before it. Produced by Matt Bender, the video, featuring a color palette pulled from the best of 70s cinema and a (we have to assume) Point Break-inspired Nixon mask, refuses to be tied to any one moment, and the same could be said for “Through My Window” itself. It’s a song that feels fresh and current but would fit easily amongst the songs on the Clueless or 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack (this is a good thing).

“Through My Window” is a to-the-point song about pushing through old fears in pursuit of new love. “I remember escape routes I used to try / You’ve been running over habits from my younger life,” Stud Count’s vocalist, Norelle Green, sings in her bright and controlled but still dynamic voice, pointing to the vulnerable desire to trust someone new despite a history of hurt.

Along with its driving guitars and frenetic energy, “Through My Window” features a chorus so catchy you’ll only need to hear it once before you’ll find yourself singing along. Check it out for yourself below.

Stud Count’s self-titled LP is due out later this summer on Smart Punk Records. You can pre-order it now. Follow Stud Count on Instagram and Twitter. 📸 Header image by Matt Bender.

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