SPI FEST 2023 Lineup Includes A Million Ska & Punk Bands (and a podcast!)

Ska Punk International has announced the lineup for SPI FEST 2023, and it is an absolute murderers’ row of ska, punk, and ska-punk’s finest. The festival will take place over two days, March 10th and 11th, at Flamingo Cantina in Austin, TX, and the lineup includes The Toasters, Tsunami Bomb, Flying Raccoon Suit, Joystick, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, and about a million more bands, including, we’re excited to see, Left of the Dial alum Take Today. (Their 2021 release SKADiving/Up to the Top features a reimagined version of their song “Skydiving” with additional horns, keys, and vocals from folks in Catbite, Flying Raccoon Suit, and OMNIGONE, as well as a ripping cover of Link 80’s “Up to the Top.”) SPI Fest will also include a live episode of Checkered Past the Ska’d Cast, and we love that. More music festivals should have podcasts on their bills (we’re willing to travel).

Get your tickets now! Full lineup down below.

Full Lineup: The Toasters, Tsunami Bomb, Littlest Man Band, Wicked Bears, Louser, Flying Raccoon Suit, Joystick, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, Young Costello, Sad Snack, Checkered Past The Ska’d Cast, Los Kurados, Plastic Presidents, Simple Minded Symphony, Take Today, Megawave Infinity, Joker’s Republic, Flip and the Combined Effort, Holy Schnikes, Los Ocupados, Madaline, The Skajects

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