New Music: Gully Boys – “Optimist”

Gully Boys released a new single, “Optimist”, earlier this month, and it’s as bold and ass-kicking as we’ve come to expect from the Minneapolis grunge-pop powerhouses. Fans of the band will recognize the wailing guitars and dynamic vocals that mark Gully Boys’ sound, but they’ll also find something more atmospheric and ethereal than previous releases. “Optimist” starts moody and gets moodier. Its verses feel tight and sparse; the drums are restrained, the vocals are tense, almost reluctant to be voiced. There is a claustrophobia to the verses, so that when the chorus hits with its powerful drums and soaring vocals, it feels positively huge–overwhelming in the best way. Gully Boys have always been an in-your-face band, but on “Optimist,” when vocalist Kathy Callahan demands, “Look at me in the eye,” you really don’t have a choice in the matter.

Gully Boys have yet to make any official announcement about a new album, but the release of “Optimist” came with a promise of “lots of new music.” Between this and their 2022 single, “See You See” (another absolutely stellar song. If you haven’t checked that one out, make sure you do), we really can’t wait to hear what else is on the horizon for Gully Boys.

“Optimist” was produced, engineered and mixed by Zach Zurn who also provided additional instrumentation. Additional engineering was provided by Cameron Bartlett. The song was mastered by Alec Ness and recorded at Carpet Booth Studios. Single art by Papa Mbye.

If, like us, you can’t wait for more of the Boys, you can catch their 2021 Left of the Dial Studio Session or watch their Fest19 set to hold you over in the meantime.

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