Remembering Thotcrime’s Dot Homler

Thotcrime has announced that their drummer, Dot Homler, passed away unexpectedly. On Saturday, December 16th, the band informed fans of the news.

Earlier this week we were informed that Dot unexpectedly passed away.

Dot was not only an incredibly talented musician, but an irreplaceable friend. Hir enthusiasm and humor lit up every room sie entered, and hir relentless positivity was an inspiration to all of us. We are all absolutely heartbroken by this loss.

At this time we would prefer not to engage in any discussion regarding the future of the band. We will have more to share once we have all had time to process what’s happened. We ask that you please respect the privacy of hir family and friends during this difficult time.

We will love you forever.

After the news was announced, an outpouring of support came in from fans and peers.

“Sending critical love and support your way at this time,” Holiday Kirk of the Crazy ass moments in Nu Metal history page commented under the post.

Digital hardcore artist Ozigiri, who had previously collaborated with Thotcrime, also commented on the post. “Rest in peace. I am proud to have worked with thotcrime.”

The love did not stop there: support poured in from The Callous Daoboys, fromjoy, Circuit Circuit, ZOMBIESHARK!, Blind Equation, Jisei, and more have continued to show their love and share their sympathies and memories. Thotcrime’s previously scheduled show with Blind Equation was dedicated to Dot’s memories.

“everyone who said hi to us and all our friends who gave us condolences and shout outs, we thank u and we see u during this really rough time. Lots of love in that room tonight, we both really needed it <3,” the band posted after the show.

Personally, my experience with Dot is limited, but I can still speak nothing but positives; back in 2021, Thotcrime’s ønyøurcømputer was the album that brought me back into the deep end of the cybergrind scene, where I have met some amazing people. I even got to collab with the group for a track on Big Money Cybergrind’s Grindoff 3. Dot was always incredibly nice, and hir lyrics were the ones I performed in the opening moments of the track.

I am forever grateful for that band, and especially for Dot. We may not have been the best of friends, but you made my world a little better anyways.