New Jersey’s Range Life Releases Two New Tracks: “Trucks” and “Burn”

NJ based artist Range Life, aka Mike Chiarappa, just put out two brand new singles. They’re both fantastic, and already have us antsy to hear more new music from him. The first, “Trucks,” is a bluegrass-tinged track that layers banjos and fuzzy guitars over Chiarappa’s warm vocals. The track also features fellow New Jersey indie rockers, The Vaughns.

Listen to “Trucks” below.

The second new track is “Burn,” a lush and emotional piece. Both songs grapple with feelings of loss and grief following the death of a loved one who struggled with addiction. While “Trucks” has a melancholic lilt to it, “Burn” really drives those complicated feelings of displacement and loss home. Listen below.

If you like what you’re hearing, check out Range Life’s 2021 album, when it all gets old – a lo-fi excursion filled with folksy affectations. Perfect music to listen to while strolling through the Pine Barrens and reflecting on your childhood.

To follow Range Life and check out more of his music, click here. 📷: Abby Clare

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