Kayleigh Goldsworthy Announces New Album, Drops New Single “Boomerang”

Philadelphia-based singer Kayleigh Goldsworthy just announced her second LP, Learning to Be Happy. The album will release via Memory Music on May 6th, 2022.

The album is about, well, learning to be happy – in a statement, Goldsworthy said that the pandemic threw her whole life out of whack, just as she was fully ready to embark on her solo career. “I had figured out who I was,” says Goldsworthy, “then this whole thing happened, and I had to figure out who I was again.”

And, it’s not just about her finding herself and her own happiness, either. She also hopes the songs will help others get in touch with themselves. “It’s your little zen den,” Goldsworthy said in a statement. “I want you to feel happy.”

Goldsworthy also dropped a brand new single, “Boomerang.” You can check out the music video below, directed by Bob Sweeney. The pop-rock song reflects on a past relationship with someone who was emotionally unavailable at the time, but now suddenly they want back in. “And it’s a cycle I can’t ever leave/A boomerang, it’s still going.”

In addition to her solo albums, Kayleigh Goldsworthy also boasts an impressive amount of collaborations with other artists. She is featured on Anika Pyle’s Wild River (and performs backing vocals and strings with them on their Left of the Dial session), and has worked with Frank Iero, Bayside, The Menzingers, and David Hause.

You can also check out Goldsworthy’s previous album, Burrower (2013) and her EP, All These Miles (2018). She’s also released two other singles that will appear on the album – “Keep the Light On” and “Overambitious.” And, of course, be sure to check out the live session she did with us to hear her perform five of her original songs.

To pre-order the album and follow Kayleigh Goldsworthy, click here. The full tracklist for the album is below.

  1. Losing My Mind
  2. Better
  3. Keep the Light On
  4. Overambitious
  5. Call Your Mother
  6. Happy Again
  7. I Want to Know
  8. Boomerang
  9. You’re Good
  10. Little Ghosts

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