LISTEN: Goon’s New Single, “Fruiting Body” Is An Ode To Nature

Los Angeles based indie group Goon just released their new single “Fruiting Body.” The shoegaze-tinged song is the second single they’ve shared from their upcoming EP Paint by Numbers, Vol. 1. The first, “Garden of Our Neighbor,” actually made it onto our favorite songs of January list.

Goon’s Bandcamp bio describes their music as “tunes for plants and people,” and this new song solidifies that connection with nature. The song’s breezy guitar, swelling cello, and picturesque lyrics all work to create a feeling reminiscent of walking in the woods.

Unsurprisingly, the inspiration for the song was a long walk in nature on a hazy autumn. Specifically, the “fruiting body” refers to the spores of mushrooms.

Photo taken by Josh Drew

There’s also an interesting examination of nostalgia within the song. According to Goon’s vocalist and lyricist Kenny Becker, the line “I found some pink glass buried under the deep end” refers to rose-colored glasses. As the song continues, “blood red” is repeated in the background, apparently signifying that the reflection on the past has turned into something more sinister – no longer rose-colored, but the color of blood.

“It’s kinda loose, but I felt like I was trying to get at the contrast between nostalgia and the present,” Becker writes in the song bio. “Not that there’s anything wrong with looking back fondly at the past, it can obviously bring great joy. But sometimes to prevent myself from spiraling into an inescapable pit of sentimentality, I try to ground myself in the present.”

It’s an excellent indie song, and music like this is perfect for those of us who find ourselves cooped up inside due to the pandemic or the snow. If you can’t go outside, at least you can listen to Goon and be transported to a beautiful hiking spot.

Give it a listen, especially if you’re a fan of Alex G, Pinback, or Duster. You can watch the music video below.