New Music Roundup (2/1/2022 – 2/5/2022)

Last week was a pretty stacked week for new music. There was new Mitski, new Animal Collective, a surprise Godspeed You! Black Emperor leak, and even a new Korn album (their fourteenth!). We actually had a hard time narrowing down the list of singles on this one, because there were so many good songs out this week! A good problem to have, though, for sure.

On our end, we released our own bit of new music: a live session with Proper., so check that out. We talked about the album Love and Other Lies from Charlotte Sands over on the podcast, and wrote a little bit about why NFTs suck ass.


insolação – sonhos tomam conta

Brazilian shoegaze artist sonhos tomam conta has already made a huge impression in a short period of time. Last year, their album Hypnagogia garnered plenty of praise thanks to its emotional, enveloping sound. Then, sonhos tomam conta collaborated with Parannoul and Asian Glow on the fantastic noise-pop/blackgaze album Downfall of the Neon Youth.

She’s certainly kept herself busy, now kicking off 2022 with another dream-y EP. This is actually a little more polished than earlier releases, with an even more refined reverb and fuller sound than before. They’ve got nowhere to go but up, it seems.

Lighten Up – Yes Kid

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Yael Kaufman, aka Yes Kid, put out an EP this week. It’s lush indie pop with some emo sensibilities – exactly our kinda music.

Produced by illuminati hottie’s Sarah Tudzin, the EP kicks off with the poignant “Too Much Feeling (Not Enough Screaming)”, a sentiment a lot of us can relate to these days as we’re cooped up in a pandemic and capitalism forces us to push through the anxiety like nothing is happening. This is a great preview of what Kaufman has in store for the future, and we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more from her.


“Call Me Home” – Sasami

Something about Sasami’s voice sounds really familiar, and we FINALLY put our finger on it. Her voice’s tone is similar to Aimee Mann. The slower, folkier tone of this song really highlights how strong Sasami’s vocal ability is. There’s a distinct pathos her voice is capable of creating that this song really highlights in a way that the previous singles released from this album didn’t.

The new album Squeeze releases February 25th.

“Kissing Lessons” – Lucy Dacus

This song is about taking kissing lessons with a female friend in elementary school, and the weird ways sexuality expresses itself in our youth. It’s short and sweet, but there’s thought-provoking depth to the way the act of kissing another girl is contrasted with heteronormative fantasies of a white picket fence.

Jenn heard it and immediately was like, “Yo, this is a song I could have added to my closeted bisexual playlist back in middle school.”

“Soft Tyranny” – String Machine

This indie pop track fills me with a certain bit of nostalgia. It’s reminiscent of a 2007 indie track, but it doesn’t sound like a pastiche. It distills the best elements of that scene – the sweeping atmosphere, a chirpy synth, and luscious “ooohs” and “ahhs” layered in the background. Definitely sounds like a band to watch out for.

Their album Hallelujah Hell Yeah is out February 25th.

“Bore U” – Twen

Jane Fitzsimmons’ vocals on this track are delightful, dipping and soaring along with the psychedelic groovy beat. There’s a noise pop edge to the song, too, and the cheeky chorus is a saucy kiss-off. I

t’s a toe-tapper, for sure, and it’s the kind of track you can put on during the morning commute to get you in a better mood before work. Seriously, singing along with this song is SO much fun.

“Sandwich Sharer” – illuminati hotties

illuminati hotties made a big impression with their 2021 album Let Me Do One More, and this new single brings more of the punchy hooks they’re so good at. The self-described “tender-punks” really embody that label on this track. The verses start slow and soft, building up to a faster-paced, strummy explosion. “You thought I was bleeding but that’s JUST MY SPIT!”

“Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy” – Crywank

This is an elegy for concepts I conceived in deep sleep.

Crywank’s minimalist single has a plucky thrumming guitar and percussion that sounds like pots and pans or a simple slap on a cardboard box. Singer Jay Clayton rapid-fires vocals, and the chorus is a wilting, anguished moan. It’s an interesting track – apparently a demo/bonus track from 2013 – and it’s worth a listen.

“Blues Riff” – Pearly

The pulsating bass, shoegaze vibes, and soft vocals make Pearly’s “Blues Riff” an amazing song. There’s this ethereal whoosh throughout the song that adds a unique depth to the track. On each relisten, there’s a new layer that exposes itself.

Their album Silver Behind the Mirror is set to release this week on February 11th, and if it all sounds like this Twin Peaks-y track, it’s going to be great.

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