Long Since Forgotten performing in Syracuse
Photo by Good ol' George J. Patterson

Long Since Forgotten Release New Single “See You Now”

Syracuse emo-rockers Long Since Forgotten released a new track today called See You Now, via the band’s own label Brickwall Records. The new track starts with a hint of Gin Blossoms before kicking in to an anthem reminiscent of early 2000’s Jimmy Eat World.

We spoke with brothers Josh and Caleb Coy about the meaning of the song, and what it was like to write and record in isolation.

I’ve had some of these musical themes kicking around for a while, and in a two week span of inspiration last year we started working on demos. This was one of the first tracks to come from that. Lyrically it’s about how I get in my own head a lot. Like really a lot. Scattered with moments of clarity. I think this song captures what we all think an LSF song is and we are super happy to share it finally!

Josh Coy, Long Since Forgotten

See You Now is our first new song in about 14 years. Prior to COVID shutdowns, we’d planned to get together in person to write & record some new songs, and even had a few shows in the works. But, of course, that all fell through like it did for every band in 2020. Luckily, Steve was able to get a couple of tracks down on drums, allowing the rest of us to piece together our parts over the span of a couple of months. It was weird not being able to record in the same room and get real-time feedback. But with liberal use of group chats, & what felt like about 100 mixes, we managed to make something we’re really proud of. These songs feel like stepping back into a familiar home after a long time away.

Caleb Coy, Long Since Forgotten

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