Hodera releases new music video for their alt-country jam, “Waiting”

New Jersey four-piece Hodera have just released a music video for “Waiting,” the opening song from their latest album, Dear Friend. We reviewed the full album not too long ago, and the tl;dr of it is this: it’s a fantastic alt-Americana album with dashes of emo and punk influence that we highly recommend.

“Waiting” is a full-bodied song that kicks off Dear Friend and introduces the album’s core themes about reconciling with the past and pushing forward. There’s always been an alt-country folksiness to Hodera’s songwriting, but it feels even stronger here with reflective lines like, “Pictures, they’re just ghosts / ‘cause I steal them from death now / and I hang them on the walls to haunt the house” and songs directly addressing past friends and lovers.

Watch the video for “Waiting” below.

Hodera has also just kicked off their North East tour, and you can purchase tickets here.

Support Dear Friend on Bandcamp and check out its physical releases over on Lonely Ghost Records. You can follow Hodera over on Twitter and Instagram.

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