Funeral Homes releases dreamy new shoegaze single, “Double Vision”

The one-woman shoegaze wonder Funeral Homes is back with a new single, “Double Vision.” It’s the world’s first preview of her upcoming album, Blue Heaven, which releases 11/11.

The track is buttery smooth and dreamy, with a dash of grunge affectation. Like any good shoegaze, the song immerses you fully in its lushness. The fuzz of the guitar is comforting, the distortion gives an otherwordly feeling, and the vocals and lyrics are affecting in a melancholic yet hopeful way.

Listen to “Double Vision” below:

Funeral Homes is Sofia Poppert, who previously released the not-as-shoegazey-but-still-very-good album Lavender House back in 2019. In 2020, she rediscovered her passion for shoegaze. Now, on Blue Heaven, she’s paired up with drummer Jake Rodriguez to craft an album filled with dreamy riffs and meaningful themes. Amazingly, this powerhouse of an album was recorded in only two days with Griffin Marthe (Cathedral Bella, Memento) in Orlando, Florida.

“While we recorded it in only two days, I spent two years writing this album,” Poppert said in a statement. “It’s my most focused and meaningful work yet. At its core, Blue Heaven is about growth, exploring various aspects of my life including love, gender identity, and spirituality. I’m extremely proud of this record and can’t wait to share it.”

The album is clearly very thoughtful and had a lot of love put into it. It gives you that special swelling feeling that washes over you as you listen. The kind of feeling you only get when listening to some beautiful slowcore guitar.

If you’re a fan of Hyperview-era Title Fight or bands like Shinguard, Cursetheknife, Sugar Wounds, and Nothing, you’re going to love this one.

Blue Heaven releases 11/11 via Lonely Ghost Records. You can follow Funeral Homes over on Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to support the new album over on bandcamp.

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