Evelyn Gray Announces Spring 2022 Tour

Musician and artist Evelyn Gray has announced a new tour. It kicks off April 10th at The Beeracks in East Haven, CT. See her official announcement via Twitter below. The full list of tour dates will be listed at the end of this article as well.

Evelyn Gray’s 2019 debut album, Let the Flower Grow, is a rich and emotional collection of sparse tracks that center her intimate lyricism and dynamic vocals. The guitar work on the album is fantastic, creating the perfect ambient soundscape to these beautifully vulnerable songs. Here, you can hear her various influences blend together – from metal to indie to ambient, it all comes together to create something uniquely Evelyn Gray.

She also released a single this past December, “chosen family (i’m not coming home this year).” It’s a stunning track about the difficulties of being queer at Christmastime and how sometimes, the most accepting people are our chosen family and not our blood relatives. ♪ Chosen family, all that I need/when blood doesn’t see me.

Evelyn Gray is a fantastic musician with a killer stage presence. Not only did we get the pleasure of seeing her perform live at the PhilaMOCA with Hit Like A Girl this past winter (video coming soon!), but she was also in our studio for Hit Like A Girl’s Left of the Dial studio session.

In our professional opinions, she fucking shreds, so if she’s in your city, be sure to catch her live. You can also follow her on Twitter or instagram, or subscribe to her Patreon.

Full list of tour dates (more to be announced):

4/10 The Beeracks – East Haven, CT

4/24 Pilger Ruh Brewing Company – Pottsville, PA

4/30 Molly’s Community Cafe – Greenville, NC

5/4 The Classroom – Hyattsville, MD

5/5 Recreation Center FXBG – Fredericksburg, VA

5/6 Emote – Asheville, NC

5/8 Monstercade – Winston-Salem, NC

5/12 The Bark – Tallahassee, FL

5/13 TBA – Gainesville, FL

5/14 The Walrus – Jacksonville, FL

5/15 Easy Going Gallery – Pensacola, FL

5/17 TBA – Nashville, TN

5/18 The Heavy Anchor – St Louis, MO

5/19 Nightshop – Bloomington, IL

5/20 The DACA – Grand Rapids, MI

5/21 Dirty Dungarees – Columbus, OH

5/24 TBA

5/25 Silver St. Community Center – Syracuse, NY

5/26 TBA

5/27 TBA – Queens, NY

5/28 Tralfamadore – Philadelphia, PA

6/4 Rednawa Collective – Middletown, CT

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