Dikembe and Virginity Announce Florida Dates for MUCK and POPMORTEM Release Party Weekend!

Florida bands Dikembe and Virginity are playing a series of October dates around Florida to celebrate (finally) the release of Dikembe’s stellar 2020 release Muck and Virginity’s upcoming October release Popmortem.

Dikembe’s release celebrations were, of course, delayed due to COVID, and the band is making a slow re-entry into playing live shows with these dates. They’ve rightly requested via Twitter, “[I]f you aren’t vaccinated, please don’t come!”

Get your tickets now! (IF you’re vaccinated.)

Pre-order Virginity’s Popmortem on bandcamp for instant access to the single “IamYOUareMEtoo” and the full album when it drops on October 15th, 2021. Pick up Muck and lots of other great music from Dikembe over at Skeletal Lightning Records.

You can buy Randy from Dikembe a Cameo from Chris Gethard to congratulate the band on their album release party weekend for no good reason other than it’s a fun thing to do for fun!

Chris Gethard talks Randy Dikembe Economics

In October, Andy from Dikembe joined us on Left of the Dial to talk about Muck, being a band with a video game, and the late, great Eddie Van Halen.