Cillë Releases New Track – The Glam-Rock Nightmare “Half A Heart”

Cillë’s soaring glam-rock track “Half a Heart” was just released today, but it sounds like it could have debuted in the 1980s. In fact, you could slip it onto an 80s radio station and it would fit right in next to Heart, Alice Cooper, and Pat Benatar.

“Half a Heart” tells an epic story of murder, heartbreak and vengeance. It leans into over-the-top stadium rock production in the best way, complete with a ripping guitar solo. The idea for this track came to Cillë in a dream. “I’m a life-long sufferer of vivid nightmares,” she says in a statement. “And as I reflected on the meaning of the words ‘half a heart,’ the whole storyline revealed itself to me in the nights that followed – ‘half a heart’ was to be taken literally.”

You can listen to the single below.

Cillë (aka Cecilie Maria Nielsen) is an NYC-based musician who seems to dabble in every retro genre you can imagine, and she pulls off every one of them. Earlier this year, Cillë also released the funkier “Champagne!”, a groovy party anthem that showcases her dynamic voice. And on 2022’s cheeky ballad about alienation – “Mom, Am I From Outer Space?” – she evokes a mix of Elton John and early Kate Bush.

On all these recent singles, you get a feel for how big her music can be, whether it’s stadium-ready nightmare jams or retro-pop productions. Cillë is slated to put out an EP soon, so keep an eye out for the release date. It’ll be sure to showcase more decade-spanning influences and genre explorations.

Support Cillë’s new singles over on Bandcamp, and give her a follow on Instagram. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

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