Cheem’s New Single “Fake Fans” Is For The Real Chuggalos

Cheem is back, and they’re flexing their unabashedly fun sound on their latest single, “Fake Fans.” Left of the Dial (real chuggalos that we are) got to listen a little early, and we’re hyped that you get to hear it now, too.

In true Cheem style, the track leans heavily into pop and R&B influences before seamlessly shifting into a punkier groove. The track is filled with ridiculously funky basslines from Prince Porter and bring-the-house-down vocal harmonies from Sam Nazaretian and Skye Holden. The song touches on some of the same themes that 2022’s Guilty Pleasure flirted with – exhaustion with the social constructs of the music industry and the pressure to perform for audiences who will never really “get” you.

Listen to “Fake Fans” below.

In 2022, Cheem dropped Guilty Pleasure, an unrestrained album unafraid to riff on all those genres you’re “supposed” to feel bad about liking. It’s a refreshingly unpretentious album that respects those sounds, never once looking down on the likes of nü metal or pop. You don’t have to feel guilty about having a little fun.

It’d be useless to try and compare Cheem to any one pop-punk outfit or nü metal group or boy band – you might hear hints of all the genre heavy hitters in their music, but nobody’s ever done it quite like Cheem. They’re bringing about a nü age with their nü pop.

“Fake Fans” is out today. Stream it wherever you listen, and follow Cheem everywhere.

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