Blue Smiley ok and return reissues are coming, plus previously unreleased track “coma”

The previously unreleased Blue Smiley track “coma” has just been released via Top Shelf Records. It’s an affecting shoegaze track that envelopes the listener in an airy dream, one filled with hypnotic swirls of warbling guitars and gentle vocals from the late Brian Nowell. The dream is grounded by the undercurrent of thrumming tabla drums. Every element of the song has such an intoxicating lull – you can listen on repeat and find something new to fixate on each time.

Even the abrupt hisses of noise that blast in towards the end has a certain gentleness to it, transitioning into a pitch-distorted scene of friends talking and laughing in some kind of nostalgic otherworld.

The newly released music video complements the song perfectly with its imagery of lonesome figures enshrouded in blue light and dustings of VHS artifacts. It’s an off-kilter sentimental comfort that Blue Smiley was always great at evoking.

Blue Smiley’s impact on the Philadelphia music scene is one that will continue to be felt for years to come. Numerous local bands have recognized them as an influence – They Are Gutting A Body of Water’s Douglas Dulgarian once cheekily referred to TAGABOW as a “Blue Smiley worship band,” and Full Body 2’s Dylan Vaisey called Blue Smiley “one of the best bands of all time.” 

Top Shelf Records is reissuing Blue Smiley’s albums ok and return. Bundles are available for pre-order now, with vinyl options as well as CD and cassette options. You can support “coma” over on Bandcamp and stream it on your preferred platform.

blue smiley forever.

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