Bad Time Records Tour 2023 On Sale January 6th – Ft. We Are The Union, Catbite, Kill Lincoln, and More

Ska punk record label Bad Time Records announced their Bad Time Tour 2023 earlier this week, and tickets go on sale today at 10am EST. The lineup is full of energetic, brassy bands – each date will have performances from We Are The Union, Catbite, and Kill Lincoln. Select dates will also feature Omnigone, Joystick, Bad Operation, and J. Navarro & the Traitors. A full list of dates and lineups is included at the end of this article.

Bad Time Records was started by Mike Sosinski in 2018. After being disappointed by the lack of backing for ska punk bands and the general sentiment that the genre wasn’t to be taken seriously, Sosinski decided to boost the ska community by forming this collective. Keeping up with the genre’s message of unity and anti-racism, Bad Time Records is dedicated to “working with bands that are staunchly anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-xenophobic” and are committed to “[rejecting] any and all hateful ideologies.” 

Bad Time Records releases music from musicians all over the world, from our hometown of Philadelphia (Catbite) all the way to Japan (Free Kick and Coquettish) and Brazil (Abraskadabra). Other bands currently on the BTR roster include: The Suicide Machines, The Best of the Worst, Eichlers, Dissidente / Диссиденты, Grey Matter, Stuck Lucky, Thirsty Guys, and Still Alive. Check out their latest vinyl release, LAVOS by The Holophonics.

Purchase tickets for Bad Time Tour 2023 here. Follow Bad Time Records on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and stream their releases on Spotify. Tour poster artwork by Justin Gray (@Burntobuild).

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