Brooklyn “Doomsday Punk” Trio babyfang drop first single “Goan Go” off their upcoming album, IN THE FACE OF

babyfang are a band born of the pandemic, so there’s more than a little doom and gloom in their music. But it’s the kind of doom and gloom you’ll want to dance to. Not only did the band–consisting of members Théo Mode (guitar), Canteen Killa (drums), and Evan Lawrence/13th Law (bass)–write, perform, mix and produce their upcoming album, In the Face Of, but they’ll also be releasing it, independently, on their own label LucidHaus. You won’t be able to hear In the Face Of in full until February 3rd, but you can get a taste of what’s to come by listening to babyfang’s first single, the frank, insistent, psychedelic “Goan Go” now.

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