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Episode 40

Published on:

2nd Oct 2020

Recover by Small Signals

This week's special guest is Stephen Roessner of Small Signals - which means we've now spoken to 2/4 Steves of the Four-Steves Tour! For the most recent Bandcamp Friday, Stephen wanted to make a quarantine tribute to local Rochester, NY bands he loves, and Recover is the glorious result. Not only is he shining a spotlight on some incredible bands, all proceeds from the sale that day went to Girls Rock Rochester, which is pretty fuckin' rad.

We also announced that we'll be giving away a Bandcamp gift card this month, so make sure you follow @leftofthedialpc on Twitter and keep listening for details!

Meanwhile, you can pick up Recover, or any of Stephen's other rad music, on the Small Signals Bandcamp page. While you're there, check out the bands that are featured on this EP, they're all worth your ear-time I promise.

And just because we talked about it, here's that cover Caleb and his brother Joshua did of Jimmy Eat World's "Table For Glasses" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHTHV9goXWk

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