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Episode 51

Published on:

18th Dec 2020

Kitzy's 2020 Top 10, In No Particular Order

As we continue our suddenly rapid approach towards the end of 2020, Kitzy has assembled their top 10 songs of the year - in no particular order. We take a look back at year 1, revisiting past episodes & reminiscing about some of the wonderful guests we've had.

  1. Worriers - You Or Someone You Know (End of the world)
  2. Maxwell Stern - Impossible Sum (Water Tower)
  3. Run The Jewels - RTJ4 (Walking In The Snow)
  4. Gladie - Safe Sins (When You Leave The Sun)
  5. Bacchae - Pleasure Vision (Hammer)
  6. Waxahatche - Saint Cloud (Fire)
  7. Frances Quinlan - Likewise (Rare Thing)
  8. Dave Hause - Patty (Moon Song)
  9. Oceanator - Things I Never Said (I Would Find You)
  10. Cold Years - Paradise (Too Far Gone)

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